Project: Personal Website

Purpose of this website is to show my projects, experience and work I’ve done in past year and hopefully find someone who would be interested. I think it’s also a great way to keep track of what I’ve done. I plan to regularly update my website with new content. After the summer 2019 I will be studying at the university so for this summer I want to find some interesting job/internship in the area of my interests.

While creating my website I’ve chosen simplistic and slick design without any distractions. I put work into visual aspect of my website, because I believe that in this case it’s as important as the information I decided to share.

First important thing about my website is that I’m using grid system from bootstrap. I think it’s very comfortable library for grid system. It’s also helpful if you want to create a responsive website. All visual elements of my website are created using CSS,JS with some help from jQuery library.