Project: Car concept

I decided to create or design a concept car because I wanted to challenge myself if I can do it and I believed I could. I started something similar out of curiosity almost one month before this one. I tried to do complicated car concept of a supercar but after hours of trying I couldn’t do it so the car would look pleasing. It was because I didn’t understand how the faces and vertices work in Fusion 360. I didn´t know that there should almost always be 4-sided faces, I didn’t know how to play with the design in different modes to smooth out the geometry.

I also wanted to display something different on my website. I thought that the designed furniture I have on display was plain boring and thought that this would be a lot better in appearance but also the complexity.

This was a 3-day project and I worked in 3 parts.

I started working on the first part on Friday. The first thing that I did, was look for the reference of a car I could design. This is my first car, so I decided to copy big portion of design because I didn’t want to make big errors in the final design, I just wanted it to look good in the end. I also looked up what practices I should abide and generally how I should proceed. I decided that my car would be something like Jaguar model E from 70s/80s. I set up canvases in the program and started working on the hood of a car and slowly build up most of the car.

The second part was about figuring out how to make the overall structure. Some things started falling out, some messed up and I undid like half of the car 2-3 times. I continued making subtle details so it would look like the Jaguar. I managed to add more faces to the design and manually smoothing almost every edge of the car. I also made a pair of wheels.

Everything I did to this moment was just plain design with no windows, lights, bumpers, mirrors and etc. So, the last day I devoted to details. I designed front lights, back lights, spoiler, front bumper, back bumper, windows, mirrors, frames... and added some fillets on the edges. There are still not enough details but the car looks a lot better now.

This car is somewhat of a hybrid between various cars. I’m curious if you could identify them. So, the biggest influence is from Jaguar E and Porsche 911. Other details like mirrors are from Mustang 1969, front and partly back lights from Tesla Roadster 2020. And that’s it, I learned a lot creating this design and I hope you like it as much as I do.